Mahjong is an ancient Chinese game with game tiles (dice, which look like dominoes). The game is very popular in the East, and it requires such qualities as attentiveness and good memory. The goal of the game is very simple - you need to collect the necessary combination of gaming dice, but some computer versions of mahjong have different rules! We have uploaded a collection of the most interesting and high-quality versions of online mahjong games both for beginners and for professionals. You can play them for free! Also visit our new gaming website with best bubble shooters online games - - Bubble Hit, Bouncing balls, Bubble shooter 2,3 and other games.


Black and White
Mahjong Black and White is an interesting game, notable primarily for its design. All the dies in the playing field are divided into black and white.
Japanese Mahjong
Japanese Mahjong game will surely please the fans of Japanese theme. Excellent design, great sound, moderately high complexity, and a lot of levels make this game a truly great Mahjong.
Celtic Mahjong
In the game Celtic Mahjong you have to plunge into the life of ancient tribes and, as usual, to clear the playing field. All dies represent images of various objects.
Mahjong Connect 2
Play classic Mahjong with a modern twist! This alternative board game features special awards at each level.
Duel of the Masters
Find and collect similar items to pass the rounds of mahjong game Mahjong: Duel of the Masters. Play traditional Chinese game for free.
Mahjong Halloween 2
Mahjong Halloween is very funny, especially its second version. Find pairs and remove monsters, skulls, pumpkins and other characters of the holiday.
Christmas Mahjong
In this game you need to remove the same Mahjong tiles along the edges of the pyramid. The game has Christmas dies.
Mahjong Titans
The goal of the game is to remove all the dice from the board. You can remove the tile, only if it is free, that is if it can be removed from the pile...
Mahjong Shanghai
It`s a good quality Mahjong Shanghai, made in compliance with all the traditions of the genre. Pictures on the tiles are quite difficult to distinguish from each other...
Mahjong Dimensions
It`s a gorgeous three-dimensional realization of the game Mahjong. Make combinations of two identical tiles to remove them from the field.
Mahjong Connect 3
A traditional Chinese Mahjong game is waiting for you, attracting you with its distinct logic. Select two tiles matching the pattern that are not blocked...
Mahjong Garden
Mahjong Garden is a puzzle game based on the classic Chinese game. The goal of the Mahjong Garden is to clear the playing field, removing tiles. You are allowed to remove only paired free tiles.
Alchemy is a computer game with a bias for Alchemy. It is different from the classic Mahjong with its tiles design. The goal of the game is to remove all the tiles from the field...
Mahjong Tower
Mahjong Tower is a computer puzzle of popular since the days of Ancient China game of Mahjong. The goal of this wonderful online computer game is to remove all the tiles...
Chinese Mahjong
Chinese Mahjong is a computer version of the classic Chinese game that is very popular. The goal of the game is to make all the tiles disappear to win the game.
Mahjong 3D
Mahjong 3D is a puzzle game based on the classic Chinese game. The goal of the Mahjong 3D game is to remove all the tiles from the field. You can remove ONLY paired free tiles.
Funny little animals
Funny little animals is a rather difficult, but fun game. How to play? Various little animals are randomly scattered on the field, you have to choose...
Mahjong Fruits
Mahjong Fruits is an interesting online game, in which you will have to find and remove identical tiles depicting various fruits and vegetables.
Shanghai Dynasty
Shanghai Dynasty is a classic Mahjong Solitaire. The game is not limited with time. There are two levels of difficulty. You have to completely disassemble...
Mahjong Solitaire
Mahjong Solitaire is another kind of online mahjong game. As before, your main task is to remove all dies from the game screen.
Farm Frenzy
Farm Frenzy is an easy and fun game, but nevertheless you will have to make some endeavors. How to play? Different subjects are randomly scattered...
Butterfly game is a dream or a nightmare of a lepidopterist. The task of the game is simple and unpretentious. You need to “build” a butterfly from two identical halves...
Elite Mahjong
Elite Mahjong is a game with lots of features. First of all, this is a classic Mahjong, the rules of which are quite easy. You have to find a pair of identical...
Free Mahjong
It`s almost a classic Mahjong. Why “almost”? It`s classic because the rules in this game are as in classic Mahjong, without any magic, super dice and other trendy husk...
Funny couples
Funny couples is an easy and fun game, but nevertheless you will have to make some endeavors. How to play? Various items are randomly scattered on the field...
Mahjong Dragon
Mahjong Dragon is a non-standard, but exciting online game that is radically different from standard Mahjong. The essence of the game is not to let the dragon reach...
Wonders of the Depths
Wonders of Depths is an exciting game. It is extremely diverse; it has everything, or almost everything. Here is everyone`s favorite game in the style of "Balls".